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Every Peterborough wedding photographer should invest in a high quality flash diffuser.

wedding photographyA flash diffused is something that will turn out to be one of the best accessory investments that you will ever get to make as a professional wedding photographer. Although it may be true that a gadget like this will not turn out to be a primary necessity, it sure does help out a lot in bringing the best of the best to the photos that you are able to shoot when it all comes down to it. There are so many things that a flash diffuser can give out to you but just to make it short and sweet, it is one of the best ways for you to manipulate lighting. Yes, you can make any light source come out with that much sought after diffused effect with the simple aspect of investing in an external flash a diffuser. Diffused light wraps around the skin of the subject evenly, making sure that uneven patches are smoothed out without jeopardizing the quality of the photos that you get to take somewhere in the process and that is always a good thing, when you come to think about it.

Get a standard sized camera bag.

This can come in handy for a Peterborough wedding photographer on the move. A camera bag might be something that comes in for free when you buy a DSLR camera but you have to understand that the free stuff and the real and actual high quality camera bags have a world of difference in between them. This is something that you should seriously go ahead and check out as much as you possibly can. You need to understand that your gear is at stake here. You need a camera bag that will be able to keep up with you and with the rigors of the job that you are working on as a professional wedding photographer. A good add-on option for camera bags is the aspect of looking for padded compartments while you are at it. Also make sure that your camera bag will turn out to be something that is standard sized and something that you will be allowed to hand carry with you when you are traveling by plane. Photography equipment is too costly or expensive for you to just leave up to chance by checking in with the rest of the regular luggage. Don’t run the risk as much as possible.

Invest on a great lens care kit.

Show your lenses some love because they deserve it too. The fact that you are investing in a collection of lenses alone should state a lot about why you should take care of them in the first place. Lenses are important in making sure that you always get to achieve the shots that you would like to achieve when you are out there and shooting weddings. That’s always a big thing and that’s always something that will turn out to be quite pivotal to your success as a wedding photographer. You will also always be at the mercy of the elements. This is the best way of removing dirt particles from your lenses so that they don’t get scratched or damaged in the long run.

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Pay attention to how you dress up

wedding photographyMost of the wedding photographers out there don’t really bother too much about what they should be wearing when they are out and about shooting weddings but the truth is, you need to start paying attention to how you dress up when you are covering as the official wedding photographer during a wedding. It can be quite easy to just be lazy and opt for a dressed down and all black get up. What you need to understand though is the fact that this may not be something that may work all of the time. You have to understand that weddings in general are quite formal and people come in dressed up. The general and the most cardinal rule in dress wear for wedding photographers is that standing out should be absolutely ruled out.

What you should do is to attempt to blend in as much as possible.

Come in dress like a guest but make sure that you will be able to go ahead and do whatever it is that you need to do as a wedding photographer with no problems whatsoever. Dressing as a guest and not standing out in the process should be the guiding principles that you should go by with as a wedding photographer so try to remember this all of the time. Keep in mind of the fact that the way that you dress yourself up during weddings can say a lot about your brand and about what kind of wedding photographer you are. It is important that you pay attention to how people see you or perceive you. You are basically a walking advertisement when you are attending and covering weddings and you should keep that in mind as much as possible.

Go for great looking shoes that are also quite comfortable to wear.

You should veer away from anything that might end up looking tacky such as sandals or flip flops or sneakers. The flip flops in particular can end up turning people off so unless you are shooting in a beach location or somewhere that is equally sandy, then veer away from the flip flops. You are not on vacation here. Also, go for shoes that will last you all throughout the day. You will be standing, running, crawling, etc. for about half the day or at least 12 solid hours. Unless you would like your feet to suffer all throughout the process, then you need to opt for great shoes.

Always aim to look good as much as possible.

Again, the way that wedding photographers dress up during weddings is sort a clarion call for the how people will look at you. Either they would want to book you right then and there or they find you a little too shabby and the like. Add some flair if you have to, but without being a little over the top. Feel free to accessorize with a few choice jewelry pieces.

Great looking cuff links will work well for the men.

But more importantly, you need to make sure that no matter what happens, you always show up during the weddings looking sharp as ever. That means that your clothes should be neatly ironed all of the time, no wrinkles all over the place. There should also be no stains or whatsoever that might have you end up looking shabby. You want to portray the role of a successful professional London wedding photographer. Make sure that you are at least able to look the part.


event photographerAs an event photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to go through the entire coverage as quietly as you possibly can. You need to know how to employ the art of being invisible as much as possible. You have to remember the fact that although you have a very important role as the official event photographer during that particular event, at the end of the day, it is not about you. The guests did not come there to see you. They came to the event to be a part of it and of the programs included in it. Your main role is to make sure that the event is documented in the best possible way. If you will be able to keep your distance but still take all of the right important shots in the process, then it will work out so much better for you and for what you are trying to achieve when it all comes down to it.

Try to avoid the use of flash if your current lighting situation will allow it.

Try to make do with natural light or with steadier light sources such as overhead lights or strobes if it will be possible for you to go ahead and do so. Figure out a way for you to learn how to put your camera in a quiet shutter setting so that you don’t make too much noise when you are trying to click through for your pictures. Try not to attract attention to yourself as much as possible because this is the best way for you to make sure that you will turn out to be a really effective event photographer when it all comes down to it.

Don’t overshoot.

This is one of the most common mistakes that event photographers out there tend to do all of the time. You need to understand that although the main goal as an event photographer is to make sure that you are able to really document the event, there really is no need for you to overdo it. Overshooting the event will turn out to be counterproductive because during the editing process or during the part where you are supposed to touch up your photos, you will end up discarding over half of what you shot anyway if the photos are all the same. You need to put in quality over quantity as much as possible. This is the kind of principle that you should live by as an event photographer. When you have just the right amount of pictures taken when it all comes down to it, you end up saving time instead of wasting it on deciding on which photos to keep and which photos to discard.

Dress yourself well and present yourself well as an event photographer.

As much as possible, try to see if you will be able to blend in with the rest of the other guests who will be attending the event. You have to remind yourself that at some point or so, you are there to represent your clients. This means that you will be letting them down if you don’t dress appropriately.

Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, you will need to expertly navigate and execute the aspect of being able to shoot great looking portrait shots. That is actually something that is so much easier said than done. There are so many things that you will have to consider when it all comes down to it. You will need to make sure that you really know what you are doing or you run the risk of coming up with extremely disappointing results when it all comes down to it.

Keep an eye for lighting opportunities.

You need to make sure that you are always able to keep an eye out for lighting opportunities that can bring out the best in the portrait shots that you are more or less taking as a wedding photographer. If you are doing your photo shoot indoors, look out for glass windows. They are something that you will really be able to make good use of in the portrait shots. Take advantage of them as much as you can because they can bring in the best possible kind of lighting for the portraits. The glass in the windows basically acts as a natural diffuser for direct sunlight. What this means for you as a wedding photographer Hertfordshire is that you get to have access to fantastic lighting for free and with the most minimal of efforts. You don’t have to set anything up. You don’t have to pay for any fancy equipment, use electricity or batteries, and the like.

Don’t let the opportunity escape you.

Use it and use it well if it is readily available. Diffused light is, in a sense, the most perfect kind of lighting for portrait shots and something that can really give you the best looking portraits ever. The reason why diffused light is so flattering on the skin and on the facial features of the subjects that you are working with is because of the fact that it scatters out. It can really bring out the best in someone’s features and that is the main reason why you should go ahead and use this whenever you get the chance to do so.

Avoid flash photography

Every seasoned wedding photographer out there will advise you that if you would like to produce great looking portrait shots, then you should avoid using flash photography as much as possible. This is mainly because the lighting produced from camera flash is usually extremely harsh. Flash can turn out to be quite unflattering all across the board. However, there will always be certain situations wherein not having any kind of artificial light during the portrait taking bit of the wedding photography shoot just won’t cut it because the amount of natural light that you are getting is simply not enough to illuminate the portrait shot that well. During scenarios like these, don’t opt for the built in camera flash. Opt for an external flash bracket instead. It will make all of the difference in the world because your flash will end up sitting a few inches above the camera sensor which ultimately makes it way less harsh than the built in camera flash’s effects on the portrait shots.

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Learn how to install and properly use.

wedding photographyOne thing that you should not take for granted as a professional wedding photographer is the importance of bringing a tripod with you during the wedding photo shoots that you have scheduled and making sure that you know how to properly use said tripod in the process. You are going to end up using a tripod one way or the other. However, you need to make sure that you get to do it right while you are at it. A few tips here and there can certainly come in handy especially if you aren’t all that used to installing and using a tripod all that much. Although you might think you already know most of the basics, being a wedding photographer and all, it will continue to surprise you how a lot of a bunch of things you are currently doing may actually turn out to be quite incorrect or not how it should be at the end of the day.

Be on the lookout for any hooks at the bottom of the tripod head.

There is a pretty good chance that you might have one hanging in there somewhere. Most of the tripods have hooks right where the center column is so perhaps you should start looking for the hook right there. This is something that you can hang your camera bag or something equally heavy from when you are shooting during the wedding. More often than not, when you have a need for a tripod, chances are, you will be mounting lenses that have great focal lengths as well during the process. Because of this, there is always that risk of tipping the tripod along with the rest of your camera off and it can result to some serious damages that you might want to avoid or veer away from as much as possible. Hanging some kind of weight from the tripod hook can help balance things off and can keep your tripod steadier all throughout the time that you are shooting.

Secure lenses when attaching.

This is something that sounds nonsensical but it will surprise you how common this mistake is, especially if you are a kent wedding photographer who is constantly in a hurry or who is constantly pressured for time. Make sure that you secure your lens as well as your camera properly the moment that you mount them on the tripod. A simple mount and click will not suffice. You need to make sure that everything is secured securely and tightly all throughout the process. Try to go ahead and move the camera with your hands and if you see it moving or budging a little, it means that it might still be a little too loose and that you might need to go ahead and screw it on a little tighter.

Never extend center column.

Also, make sure that you don’t event extend the center column of the tripod as much as possible. Go for the legs if you need the additional height but don’t be too quick on touching the center column because it’s a weak spot.

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Pull off all traditional moments and poses

wedding photography tipsThe main challenge that most professional wedding photographers come across with in wedding photography is the task of being able to pull off all of the traditional moments and poses while at the same time making those same moments look natural and a little less contrived than usual. Most of the clients these days are looking for something that is basically a fusion in between traditional and documentary wedding photography. This sounds simple and easy enough on paper but there is actually so much thought and effort that goes into it at the end of the day. It really is so much more than just putting in a little bit of this and that here and there. It takes some serious skills and techniques in order for you to be able to pull them off. There are a few quick tips that can help you get started while you are still trying to establish yourself in the wedding photography industry.

Introduce the concept of touch in between people when you are photographing more than just one person.

It doesn’t even have to be anything special when it all comes down to it. A simple touching of the shoulders or a hand on the other person’s hand, and so on. The purpose of this is to bridge the bodily gap that can make the photos come out looking awkward and just downright indifferent at times. That is not the kind of vibe that you would want to have for your wedding photography images at all if you are taking group photos, at least just advice the group to huddle in closer to each other so that there are no distances in between people. This also goes for the photos that you take for the couple. The more that they incorporate touching into the photos, the better those said photos will turn out to be once they come out. Touching is one of the best ways to really bring people together when it all comes down to it. It is the simplest way to get things done in natural wedding photography.

Let the bride and groom do the walking routine during your wedding photography session.

Walking is one of the first few things that people learned to do from childhood. It is one of the most natural things that people do. More than that, when people are focusing on a certain task or activity, they tend to feel a little less self-conscious about the fact that they are being photographed or that they are at the mercy of the camera sensor’s every scrutiny. Have the bride and groom do the walking routine. Have the couple walk slowly away from you, then have them slowly walk back while photographing every step of the way at some point or so. Remind them to walk slowly so that you will more or less be able to get the best possible kind of exposure for the photos that are being taken. This technique is something that works extremely well in alternative wedding photography shoots that are set outdoors.

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Stick to the basics

wedding photographerThere are so many different books and instructional tools and materials out there that promise to teach wedding photographers a thing or two about how to properly network. Amidst the overflow of info, it can be fairly easy to get lost in all of it. As a new wedding photographer who is still trying to find his way into the industry, it is important for you to stick to the basics as much as possible, just until you will be able to progress and move forward from that. Getting the basics or the fundamentals down pat will allow you to get things done the right way at the end of the day and it will always be effective because they are usually time tested and have been proven right by other wedding photographers time and time again. If there is one thing that is the most common among potential clients, it would be that they are always looking for wedding photographers that they can trust.

Trust can be quite a flimsy issue in this day and age though.

Then couples are on the lookout for wedding photographers, they are oftentimes taking a leap of faith. The fact that they are not from the wedding industry will tell a lot about how much they know about wedding photographers in general. Most of the clients out there know very little about things such as photography style and the other technical implications that come along with that. When they do get to hire you to be their official wedding photographer cheshire, they are basically trusting you to make sure that you will deliver your end of the bargain by delivering them photos of their wedding that they will surely appreciate and love.

Establish yourself online

Trust in wedding photographers can be difficult for potential clients to get a grasp of but the most effective and convenient conduit for it would be the blogs as well as social media. If you would like to be someone that can be regarded as an expert in your field, then you should be able to establish yourself as such online. This is a decision on content that you will have to make and commit to when it all comes down to it. Aside from the weddings that you cover, make it a point to blog about pieces that air your opinions or perspectives about the wedding photography industry as well.

Always aim to go for content that can educate your readers or something that they will be able to take valuable info away from.

When they read up on these education posts and they feel as if it is the kind of info that is useful to them and to what they are trying to achieve in particular, it will give them the notion that you are somebody who can be trusted based off of that online activity. Giving people free advice will help make you earn their trust. This is such a basic yet powerful thing that people usually forget about.

Photography Tips

boudoir pictureWhen people hear the term boudoir photography, they immediately imagine almost nude bedroom pictures of women. They feel as if it is something fairly risque and controversial and not at all what a future bride should be doing. Luckily, more and more people are made aware about the concept behind boudoir photography. It basically revolves on the goal of making the subject feel like the woman that she really is. This means being comfortable in her own skin and thriving in her own brand of sexiness that does not always translate to having less clothes on when it all comes down to it. If this is something that you have never done before and you happen to be a man, you need to check yourself every now and then.

Keep things professional

Make it a point to really keep things professional especially when you are giving out compliments or when you are trying to encourage and cheer the subject on. It can easily be misconstrued as inappropriate flirting and the like and things can easily spiral down from there. Keep your tone as well as your speech neutral as much as possible and try to voice out your instructions without any embellishments as much as possible. Be very careful with the kind of compliments that you are giving out because the subjects may feel as if they are being given too much unwanted attention and it can make them feel a bit self conscious when it all comes down to it.

There is a very small difference marking out what most people would see as tasteful and what they would see as raunchy and letting it all hang out there. Make sure that this is something that you will be able to establish ahead of time with the subject. As a responsible boudoir photographer, talk to her about the kind of message that she would like to give out through the photos that you will be taking of her during the boudoir photography shoot.

Make it a point to discuss and mark out what her OK’s, hard no’s, and maybe’s are.

This will more or less give you a guide about how you should conduct the rest of the boudoir photography shoot and what particular poses you can ask her to try. It can be a bit embarrassing to ask your subject to pose a certain pose and she ends up refusing. You and your subject need to really jive when it comes to this particular topic and you will only be able to pull that off if you talk to her in detail about this. A little discomfort now can end saving you from so much more embarrassment in the future so it will definitely be worth it.

Be particular with the positioning of her appendages during the boudoir photography shoot.

The wrong poses and positions can make her look awkward and make her look like she is trying a little too hard. It should look carefree and effortless and free flowing as much as possible. This can be quite difficult to pull off especially when the subject is not an experienced commercial model to begin with. Have her observe how lingerie models pose in the brochures and take it from there.

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Fix wedding dress issue

wedding photography tipsA challenge that wedding photographers from the whole world over have come face to face with every now and then is the issue of the all white wedding dress and how it tends to photograph poorly. Although what you basically see as a wedding photographer is just a dress that has a lot of white and that can at times make you squint a little from all of that whiteness, the camera sees it as something that is potentially harmful to the pictures that are being taken or harmful to the rest of the part of the pictures that are being taken along with it at the end of the day. This is something that you will need to avoid as much as possible.

If you don’t do anything with the camera, it will try to automatically edit the wedding dress out making it come out looking unappealing and a little bland and it will not come out looking as white as it really is in real life. One thing that you should do in order for you to make sure that your camera will be able to capture the dress in its purest and truest essence is for you to put in some positive exposure compensation settings on your camera. Figure this setting out as much as you can ahead of time so that you don’t have to waste any moment by trying to fumble through all of the buttons and adjustment dials on your camera at the end of the day.

Know the key players in the shoot

Get to know the key players of the wedding photography shoot and introduce yourself as the official wedding photographer. Most of the time, these key players include the maid of honor, the best man, and then the really close members of their family or close friends who are pretty hands on with the entire process of the wedding. As a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to more or less get out of your way to really get to know them. Try to establish good working relationships with them, try to strike some kind of rapport one way or the other, and make them feel at ease so that they will be able to warm up with the idea that they will be closely working with you all throughout the wedding photography shoot.

Try to see if you will be able to establish a relationship that is good enough for you to be able to get on a first name basis with them. The bride and groom are oftentimes not available during the wedding photography shoot. This can be really challenging for you as a new wedding photographer because there will be certain last minute decisions that you will need to ask from them at some point or so. Having access to the key players fo the wedding will guarantee that you will have people to go to and ask questions from as a wedding photographer Bedfordshire all throughout the wedding event celebration.

Wedding Photography

wedding photographerIf you would like to make sure that your wedding photography shoot is something that comes off successfully and in the best possible way, then you should work on more or less perfecting your lighting. The skill to manipulate lighting and to make it work for your wedding photography shoot even in the most challenging of situations may just be your saving grace even during the hardest of times. You will come across a lot of challenges as a photographer Berkshire but it is fairly easy to go ahead and say that lighting will be the trickiest part of the challenge when it all comes down to it.

Practice as much as you can when it comes to the use of lighting.

Try to observe how much it affects your wedding photography shoot at the end of the day. There is no one right way in approaching your lighting options. It is always different for different wedding photographers. You will need to come up with a method that works well for you and that you will more or less be able to follow through on as time progresses. Make a habit out of always bringing your camera with you wherever you may go because you will never really be able to tell when the next lighting Eureka moment will occur to you so you might as well make sure that you are ready for anything and everything all day, every day.

This really is a no brainer but it bears repeating anyway.

The most important person during your wedding photography shoot is the bride. Always think about what she thinks about certain things that you would like to try out in wedding photography. Keep her in the loop of things as much as possible. For as long as you are able to get the bride on board, you are almost always guaranteed that the rest of the wedding photography shoot will go on smoothly and without too many roadblocks. Talk to the bride ahead of time and constantly consult her about anything that has to do with the wedding photography that you are trying to render for her wedding. Ask her what her favorite angles are so that you will be able to pose her well.

Give her a few pointers on how to position herself so that she comes out looking beautiful in the wedding photography albums.

If you need to work on the sequence of your wedding photography shot list, work on this with her. Brides are pretty hands on when it comes to their weddings so tapping her as a resource person is something that will really make your wedding photography shoot a success when it all comes down to it. Make it a point to always ask for her approval if there are things that you are not really quite sure about just yet. Make her feel important and keep her in the loop of things as much as possible. The bride is the star of the wedding photography show, after all.